Who is Chilliscrumptious….

Hi am James, the cook, director and the brains behind Chilliscrumptious, for as long as I can remember I’ve grown and loved chillies, whether it is making curries, pasta dishes or just an amazing hot sauce, cooking has always been my passion. I blame my love for cooking and hospitality on my mother, as a child there was always a delicious home cooked meal, full of flavour and love on the table ready to be demolished. I feel the best way to show someone your passion is to cook them something they will love and want again, not just taste, but presentation. I still get people asking me to open a restaurant.

Over the passed 15 years I have spent most of my time working in the hospitality industry, working behind bars, managing pubs and creating something different for people to enjoy. Now I’m literally bottling up my chillilicious love for cooking to spread and share for all to try. I simply want to create something that may well put a smile on some faces but perhaps a tear or two in they’re eyes.

I hope to see some of you at some of the upcoming events around the UK.

Thank you for visiting our webpage and making my dream a reality.

James Anthony Mitchell


Chilliscrumptious first began its journey in 2018. With its owner’s passion for all things chilli in mind, he decided to put pen to paper, or in this case, chillies to the pan, and start the creation of Chilliscruptious’s main and first sauce, Axis of Evil.

Axis of Evil, is every chilli lovers love for heat, or for this particular sauce, all things evil combined with sweet blood orange. But don’t let the orange put you off, as it is a delicate amount of flavour and won’t overpower. Of course we won’t reveal all its secrets… but we will say that this evil sauce is full of fresh chillies, including Naga and Scotch Bonnets.

Chilliscruptious then went on to create its next beauty of a sauce, First Date. Once one of the main ingredients is revealed, you will understand the sauce’s given name, GARLIC! And lots of it, I might add. Not just your regular every day fresh bulb garlic but also some smoked garlic in there too. Now you understand right? However, this sauce has a slight twist, you’ll also find amongst its ingredients along with fresh chillies, beetroot. Yes, Beetroot. The reason being, it gives the sauce and amazing purple/red colour, so you’re not only eating with your mouth but, with your eyes! As a recommendation, we also suggest mixing a small amount with mayonnaise, creating a spicy pink mayo dip. Great with chips, burgers, chicken dippers and much much more.

We now move onto Chilliscrumptious’s newest and third sauce, Hot Java. Although its name doesn’t give it away, this sweet and tasty juice is in fact a BBQ sauce. A lot less heat in this bottle but twice the flavour! But like with all previous stated sauces, this particular BBQ sauce has an added twist as it contains coffee. Hence the name ‘Hot Java’.

Please look out for our seasonal limited edition sauces. COMING SOON.